3D Body Scanning

Shop from the sofa!

You don't always have to come to us! You don't even have to book an appointment. Open a bottle of wine, sit in your sweats and shop in comfort! 
There's a great selection of fabrics to choose from online!

Accuracy has never been this easy!

Once, you've selected your fabric and styling, we'll walk you though our new 3D scanning technology, With this new technology, we've been able to acheive a level of accuracy for your first fitting that's never been seen before! 2 Simple pictures in this simple app allow us to record 40+ measurments and create a base pattern for your first fitting. 

Receive Your Try On Garment

This is where the experience is taken to the next level. Savour the first feeling of a bespoken garment now, nothing else off the rack will ever feel quite the same. We'll set up a video call to assess adjustments that need to be made in order to perfect your perfect fit. Send everything back to us and and hold tight just a little longer.

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Time to strut your stuff

Patience is always rewarded. You've put the time in now and it was worth it. After 6-8 weeks you have a finished product that fits you impecablly.
Futhurmore, all your adjustments from your fitting are kept on file, so any future orders are even easier. 4 weeks from order to your door!

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